Hello Fellow Bloggers and Artisans!!! it is always fun to check in with you and see what is going on in your world, and to say Hi to you 🙂

As for me, I am going to share with you, what is happening right Here and Now in my little corner of Blogosphere….

I am happy  to let you know that I have received a Book: Catch 22

11042013 013

from Robert Bruce a writer and Blogger.

His Blog  is “101 Books”, and he is reading through all of  Time Magazine’s Best Selling Novels of all time. Apart from that he is a new father and it is always fun visiting with him.

I won this book which I believe, Hollywood made into a movie, sorry no time for research 🙂 and I plan to read it because Robert gave it a thumbs up. Thank You Robert!!!!

This week I have more rows to add to Little Pet, I seriously need her checked off my list, so that I can take on more projects 🙂

11042013 014

Changing subjects: I found a thin yarn that looks perfect for my hairpin lace project11042013 009  well let us keep that on the back burner for now.

Well this is all for now, hoping you are right were you want to be and that you had a very creative weekend, Hugs!!! See You Soon…


  1. Re the hairpin lace – have you tried using cobweb wool? It’s 1-ply, but extremely strong. It’s what I used to knit my shetland lace shawl earlier this year. Just a thought 🙂


  2. OMG love that book – totally weird and confusing but awesome at the same time. It’s a trip. My senior thesis in high school was a comparison between Heller’s Yosarian and Nietzsche’s Superman.


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