I told you I would be back!!

I have completed several gifts, applause please….never mind, I need to applaud you instead, every blog  I have visited with,  are far ahead of me, shame on me 🙂

Well let me get to business: I wanted to write about Craftsy, I have taken classes with them and I like them. They even answer my emails if I have a  problem with any of their online  classes, and I am impressed, in a good way.

For all my fellow bloggers and future Crochet Artists you can go to Craftsy to take their Free Craftsy Classes, you won’t be disappointed. I stick with the Crochet classes but you can try out the other classes too.

I know several of you are beginners and that is fine, but you need to practice all the basics before you can really start to make Fab Art, I made that up but really, it is true.

I am planning more CAL (crochet along) for next year and I hope you come along with me.




If you have any questions about a stitch please ask,  I may not know the answer but many times another blogger will answer the questions, we are here to keep this art alive and to be self-sufficient. Crochet is truly a versatile craft.

Well this is all for now, Have a safe and productive weekend!!!!




  1. thanks for that notice on freebie classes 🙂 will check it out.


  2. I haven’t heard of Craftsy before so I will head over to see whats happening – especially the free classes, lol. As for crochet, yes I love it but lets just say its a lesson in patience for me. Its teaching me to slow down, which can only be a good thing!


  3. I took a couple of free sewing classes, and was really impressed. I need to check out what they have for crochet!


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