Welcome to the last Monday in November, hope you are doing fine and you are healthy and happy.

I think I finally have the Bullion stitch half way tamed. There are several ways to do this stitch and I think I found my match in 2 techniques: Technique A: was sent to me by  niftthrift she has been really helpful, thank you 🙂 and here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3mqvw-43rNI

I tried it and here is what I made: I still need practice because11252013 007


if you notice some are perfect looking and others are more regular looking so I am trying to fine tune it.

Technique B: looks very easy, but I have not tried it yet 

Well bye for now and don’t forget to learn a new stitch today okay??  See You Soon…


  1. Looking forward to seeing what you use it for. (Do you have to keep marking the time?)


  2. I really like the bullion stitch, and I especially love that cranberry colored yarn.


  3. Well done! On your way for sure!! Such a mega-statement stitch! Hugs…….


  4. I tried this once…it was a disaster! one day i’ll try again 🙂 yours look fabulous! I think my favorite part of this tutorial is when she’s wrapping the yarn – it seems like she’s wrapping perfectly in time to the music lol


  5. Well done! You’ve been wanting to conquer this for a while haven’t you? It shows the value of persistence. 🙂


  6. Wow! You seem to have this pretty much nailed! Well done 🙂 I tried it, and lets just say its not fit to be seen in public! *sigh* practice, practice, lol


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