Hello!! I am back we need to wrap this up tomorrow.

I hope you have finished your last row and you are ready to make the tiny little flower. But before sewing on  the ribbon and flower you need to wash the angel and starch it.

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drape it over a plastic bottle, shape it and let it dry. Then go to your recycling bin and take out any circle you have kept:

12172013 00112172013 002

now let us double up our thread (or triple) and single crochet around the circle, we want a nice crochet halo with just one go around. Then sew it on the angel and get ready to make the flower, for this you need left over ribbon and a different color size #10 crochet thread to make your little flower:

12172013 00412172013 005

12172013 00612172013 009

The little flower:  3 single crochet then you close with a slip stitch, chain 2 and crochet 9 Double Crochet, the first 2 chains makes it 10 DC, close with a slip stitch. The  last row is all picots (3 chains and close) if you have a tiny button you can add to the flower. Sew on the Angel.

So this is all for today, if you have any questions, let me know…

If you like to work with happy Christmas  music please click on this link 🙂

See You Soon…..



  1. Very beautiful!


  2. Theres that bottle again….


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