We have finally wrapped up our last Road Trip of the year our Crochet Angel CAL.

12202013 004 12222013 003

As you can see the wings has a 3D look to it, when in doubt use the pineapple stitch 🙂 I used starch and glue and I like the stiffness, starch by itself is not as stiff.

The wings are easy. You start out by cutting 6 inches of 4 strands of our size #10 thread and single crochet 56 to make our foundation12222013 004  turn and make 2 chains and a double crochet DC this is your first pair, skip 4 SC and chain two and make 2 DC, repeat until you have 14 pairs in total. Turn chain 2 and a double crochet for your first pair the sequence is 2 DC – 2 CH – 2 DC – 6 DC – 2 CH – 2 DC – 2 DC etc until you reach the other end and repeat the beginning sequence for your next wing. 

12222013 012

The arms are 5 inches long of the I-Cord, you can see June Gilbank giving her excellent tutorial on you tube .

Then you wash and starch, for a stiffer angel I suggest you use some clear drying glue, shape your arms and wings and let it dry. Then you sew them on the body.

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Have a great weekend!!!!


  1. How beautiful. I have never seen anything like them.


  2. at first I thought it was a bra…


  3. Yay. Just perfect. 🙂


  4. CONGRATULATIONS! Beautiful angel too!


  5. So pretty and perfect for the snowflake time of year!!!! Hugs………


  6. Pretty! Now maybe you need a whole choir of angels.


  7. Fadenzauberei says:

    So cute!
    Have a happy Christmas, dear daniellajoe’s!


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