We are at the end of another year and it is always good to sit and reflect .

I have come a long way in my journey to reacquaint myself with the beautiful textile art that is crochet. I have learned new stitches that I have always wanted to learn, I have started projects and finished projects, I have projects that are still unfinished 🙂

I have continued to recycle materials. It is such a joy seeing fellow artisans new uses for “old” objects, the incredible creativity that it takes to upcycle and reuse brings a smile to my face.

So yes, 2013, has been a good year. And for 2014, I will continue to challenge myself ,  I will continue to grow and learn: it would be so nice to write a pattern in an easy to understand way 🙂

It brings me great joy to meet new artisans and bloggers who want to make  positive changes to our universe and to stay in touch with old friends, who has visited with me, given constructive feedback and continue to inspire me year after year, thanks!

So keep up the good work and remember “A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination.” Nelson Mandela





  1. Wishing you a very happy & creative new year! 🙂


  2. This past year, indeed, was a very good year…..one in which we “met”. I so look forward to the wonderful creations that will come along in 2014! Keep pursuing your dreams and take us along……it’s a great ride!!!! Hugs and blessings…………………………


  3. Best wishes for 2014! For you, your family, your webpage and your shop! May we both find time to do everything we want to do! 🙂


  4. I’m glad to hear your crocheting journey is bringing you so much happiness. I’ve only been crocheting for just over a year but I’m loving it, too. I’m so glad I’ve found you and your blog. I hope you have a wonderful, happy, inspired and creative 2014! 🙂


  5. Pat continue to push positively forward, and your best is sure to come. Continue to Be a Blessing because you’re Blessed. All the best now and always, Mtetar


  6. All best wishes for the year ahead. I am looking forward to seeing all the things you make! 😀


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