Hello one and all!!! Good day!!   How have you been? Fantastic!!  good,  that warms my heart.  It is great to be alive on this day.

Here is what is happening around my creative corner: I am happy to tell you that I am not letting up on RC, the end is near for him, Yes!!

Bruges lace is on my mind too, and I want to design something using this lace. 

I am learning different techniques, and it is really not that complicated at least for now. My first project will be something easy and small like a doily.

This one is from Linda Crochets  you can google her site, I would like to make something similar, very soon..

these are from and they are beautiful too, but they look like regular crochet right? maybe I can add the Bruges lace to frame it?

I am trying to keep my resolution: learning a new stitch/technique in each month of the year.

January is definitely Bruges Lace month, so you will see this lace all month-long, and I will continue the road trip tradition 🙂 and I will strive to write and photograph easy to follow instructions, I hope you come along, it is more fun that way.

Well this is all for now, hoping you have a great day today and a fantastic weekend!! See You Soon….


  1. I love the inset of the pink row added…very nice.


  2. I am looking forward to your road trips. X


  3. They look too intricate for me to try will stick to knitting hats and scarves.


  4. I’m with ya on this journey!!! Exciting! Hugs…………


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