My head is still spinning, unbelievable…bye January!!

My adventures with Bruges Lace continues, I am still figuring out this technique and when I learn , I will share it.

I did complete the circle but that was the easy part. Eventually I will get to the other parts of the doily.


I need to step up on RC he is almost completed, the doily took all my creative energy 🙂

So what are you working on?? are you considering starting a project this weekend?

Pinterest…So simple and beautiful to look at....


Have a fun Friday and a great and fantastic weekend Artisans!!!!





  1. You’ll get there, I’ve no doubt! Those pics are absolute gorgeousness! ❤


  2. I’m still working on my chevron patterned blankets, but since its so big, I started a baby blanket that I could travel with and move easily with the kids as they roam from upstairs to the basement to play.


  3. You have a fantastic weekend too. I might get to start my new blanket but I want to finish my sock first.


  4. I do indeed have a project planned for the weekend, hopefully I can start and finish it before Monday! Happy weekend to you too 🙂


  5. Those photos remind me of all the loveliness in the “Victoria” magazine, which I subscribed to for years. Those gorgeously frilly creations are the stuff dreams are made of!!!!! Hugs…………..


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