This week is all about the Winter Olympics at Sochi, and doing my version of olympic crochet.

I truly admire the olympian athlete (and ANY athlete for that matter)  they are fearless and they practice non stop to shine in their sport,  and they get up after falling down, every single time,  and I believe that is what makes an athlete an Athlete.

Okay I said all of that just to say, we, as artisans need to strive to get better and better every single day, we may not get accolades (many of us do not want accolades) but we do it just for the ART aspect and maybe to feel good too?? 🙂 I like to feel accomplished..

Let me stop my ramblings now.. Have a nice day okay?? See you soon…

 Olympic Rings Afghan and Pillow PatternAmigurumi mascots in the same color as Olympics rings


  1. Inese Poga Art Gallery says:

    These were so cute! Unbelievably attractive!


  2. Love the Olympian theme.


  3. We must accept this fact: that what we do is indeed legitimate/credible art and it’s an expression of who we are and a way to share with others a part of ourselves. Great post!!!!!


  4. I think you have a very good point. We all strive to be our best.


  5. wow, you made that amazing afghan? – love it! – the mascots are cute too 🙂


  6. Only you could be so creative like this!! You rocked the Olympic project my friend.


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