I need to start a campaign to get “big yarn” readily available in the USA. The companies that sell them are all in Europe and they do not  ship to the USA, a major problem for us locals 🙂

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It is an excellent  “GREEN” way for major clothes factory to get rid of the remnants that would otherwise end up in  landfills.

 This will help us Artisans to keep making beautiful accessories and clothes.  It is a Win – Win situation for every one involved.

What do you say?? I think we can all get together and start a petition, hopefully they will get in contact with other countries and ….. who knows what will come out of this adventure…

Well this is all for now, stay busy!!! thanks again for all your kind words for my Recycled Crochet Couch…more to come okay/!!!

See You soon, Enjoy today!!!!




  1. That little bag with magazines looked like something i would loved to put my camera in when i go out 😀


  2. There used to be a super thick cotton called Crafter’s Cotton by Lily Sugar ‘n Cream. I’d been SO excited to find it! But then suddenly it was discontinued… Who knows why?!? It was like 2.5 times the thickness of regular worsted cotton yarn 🙂 ❤


  3. What a great idea! I must look into if Australia makes it!


  4. Derla Libby says:

    Found this blog by accident and was immediately hooked by your magazine basket.
    This is an interesting site for non crocheting visitors like myself.
    Love the recycling concept and your use of vivid colors.


  5. Wow! Nice to find this article! We are European based, but we can ship to the US. Only our ribbonxl recycled yarns are currently for sale in the US, via pollika.com. For the Zpagetti we are looking for a solid US distributor!


  6. Makes a change for it to be that way round!


  7. AGreed! And what about us, down here!? would be awesome 🙂


  8. There’s a US equivalent, that’s why they don’t ship here 🙂 It even used to be called zpagetti till they changed the name. http://www.lionbrand.com/yarns/fettuccini2.html


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