Crochet Pot Holders for The Old Deanery

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If you are a regular reader of The Grange Range you will remember that my lovely hubby and I spent a few days at The Old Deanery in Ripon last year. A beautiful building surrounded by stunning architecture situated directly opposite Ripon Cathedral, it was built in 1625 on the site of a former monastery.

Set of 4 Crochet Pot Holders

A really relaxing break in a lovely small hotel, we spent the mornings relaxing in the lounge where we were kept in good supply of tea and coffee. It was like going back in time served just like it is at Downton Abbey: on a silver tray with a matching tea service. 

Morning Tea and Craft

Anyway whilst drinking tea and crocheting away happily the hotel proprietor approached and commented that it was years since she had seen anyone crocheting (obviously not a blogger). Then she enquired about pot holders, “why doesn’t anyone make pot holders any more?” She…

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  2. I love those little coasters hanging over the fire place. I think they make so much more practical and environmentally ones than those of plastic and papers. They are so beautiful in design too 😀


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