Because today is the day before My Favorite Day I want to bring you an update of my Favorite WIP.

Lil Pet has been around the longest, in fact,  this blog started as a way to chronicle my journey back to Crochet, and it seems like I have neglected her a lot,  but not really, it is that she is a LOT of work now,  even with the ultra size stitches,  each row takes me hours (thread is precious but..)  and to mess  everything up I told you how an airport agent took my darling hook away…..

Well,  I am going to work on her for at least 3 more rows 🙂

This is all for now Artisans.   Do you have a WIP that is your favorite one but it is taking  you FOREVER to finish??

Enjoy today!!! See You Soon…



  1. Nice to have a friend that is always there for you. X


  2. I am working on a curtain but only get it out about once a month. I’m not in any hurry. I’m making it up as I go with blobs of flowers and leaves.


  3. Wow!!!!!!! And ‘green’……my total fave!!!!!!


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