Who says you cannot change hook sizes  in the middle of a row? No one did.  But it is probably  “Not a good IDEA”  if you want a uniform look.  I wanted to experiment a bit due to me not liking the hook I was using.

I went from a #4 from one brand to a #7 of another brand and I did it because I did not like the hook I was using. I like comfort and #7 feels just “right” for this type of  thread.

All of this is going on while I am adding miles to Lil Pet, I am using basic stitches again so I am going like 35 miles/hr, next row I am going back to the “Big Guys” stitches and I will be cruising at top speed 🙂

So please feel free to experiment and come up with new ideas to carry out a task, because with Crochet the sky is the limit…

Have a busily creative Tuesday Everyone…See You Soon…






  1. Rules are made to be broken!


  2. But have you been using the #4 hook for all the rest? Looks great anyway. So much work.


    • This is my third hook, they took one at the airport now I have changed again but this time I’m staying with #7 there is a slight difference in the stitches they are smaller and tighter but I don’t mind lol 🙂


  3. That is beautiful work for such a rebel.


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