It is my pleasure to introduce to you my Top Commenter…applause please… and the honor goes to Doreen from treadlemusic she is an excellent and top-notch quilter and she has such a vibrant personality.

She makes my day brighter every time she visits with me and she sends out hundreds of hugs every day, and she is fun and she rides a Harley. Thanks for visiting with me Doreen!! 🙂 she made these for Christmas presents but she has lots and lots more quilts…

Christmas mug rugs 006

Next from the Top goes to….  Alice from knitnrun4sanity she makes me laugh many times with her comments. She is a runner, a mom of three little boys (which is a full-time job in itself) and she knits and crochets. She crochet with wire to make beautiful jewelry and she is a Techie, you can ask her for any technical tip to help you be a better blogger and she will answer through a post, that is neat and cool in my book, Thanks Alice!!!

These are some of her creations: Beaded earringsThis is the biggest heart. and she is a published designer, she is famous 🙂

Next on the list is  Jane and her blog is rainbowjunkiecorner  she has helped  with my projects especially the CAL,  she can spot an error in a minute and decipher patterns just by looking at a photograph, I know, it is incredible. Thank you Jane!!! and she is an excellent photographer too.

Here is her 2013 Montage it is fabulousmontage2013

So this is all for now, hope you can visit with these bloggers and artists you will leave inspired, more to come tomorrow…. See You Soon…


  1. Thanks lovely. Much appreciated. Xx


  2. a fun post!


  3. A big yay to commenters!


  4. Oh my goodness!!!! I just brought up my “Reader” and lo and behold my silly snowman was grinning at me!!!! (giggle for sure!!!) I am thrilled beyond measure to have found your bloggy home!!!! I vicariously indulge my crocheting urge through your wonderful blog (since quilting seems to “eat” up all my creative waking hours of late!!!!). Thank you for your sweet kind words, dear bloggy Friend!!!! Hugs………………….


  5. Nothing but the truth said about all of them and Doreen is a good friend of my as well. You all are amazingly creative. Blessings Always to you all, Mtetar


  6. You are so kind – you make me blush!


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