We have finished with the Top Commenters according to WordPress and now we will introduce bloggers and artisans who “Like” and/or comment regularly  which is fuel for me to continue blogging. I enjoy their visit very much 🙂

Jill is a Crochet artist who is a REAL artist, she crochets fulltime and she sells her creations locally and on Etsy.

 I enjoy visiting her blog Nice piece of work there is always something new to enjoy for fb page and if you need crafty gifts…

Katherine, and her blog Pillows A-La-Mode sews and is a writer and she runs and she visits a lot of blogs on a daily basis, how she does it? I don’t know 🙂 her blog is fun too, she gives new life to old clothes and many times I am speechless,

Zhenya's Bears

Sharon is gentlestitches she teaches and writes about crochet and knitting and hand sewing, wow!!! ( I know she is a patient woman) it is not easy writing patterns. She loves to recycle too, and makes aussiegurumi you need to visit with her for the instructions..

crochet amigurumi koala, large and small  Enjoy your visits, tomorrow I hope to reveal my Frog 🙂


  1. Love the aussiamigurami.


  2. Awww . . . what a sweet post and comments! Thank you for the lovely shout out . . . you know I love your blog, too! Hugs, Katherine


  3. I’m honoured to share a post with the prolific and talented Sharon and Katherine! “artist” is most definitely NOT a word I use to describe myself, but thank you anyway!!!


  4. I suspect some of these bloggers are actually twins pretending to be one person! 🙂
    We are all people who definitely put in and get a lot out of life!!!!


  5. Another great group!!!! Katherine comes up with more ideas in a week than I do in a year!!!!!!!! Fun, creative blog, too!!!!! As is yours!!!!!!! Hugs………………………..


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