Spring is not officially here yet but the days are longer again and flowers are everywhere.

While it may not apply too much to me it is nice to celebrate Springtime with all the beautiful lively colors.

google images

Aren’t they all cute? I think these crochet flowers can make a home seem happier and more inviting and the good thing about crochet flowers is that they can last a very long time.

And here is a great tutorial even a beginner can make:

you can find it at My Rose Valley hope you try something new today.

Happy Tuesday!!!!!


  1. Spring is definitely beautiful and lively in your post. Love the flowers and the colour combination.


  2. Spring is putting a spring into my step 😉


  3. You´re absolutely right, Spring is just around the corner!!! Love the flowers! Thanks for sharing!


  4. Beautiful!!! And they don’t need water!!!!!!! Hugs………..


  5. I love crochet flowers, so cute 🙂


  6. Why would spring not apply to you? Are you down under?

    Someone looked at one of my older entries on cream doilies and knowing your interest in crochet, I wondered if it was you. I have reinserted the images now in case you want to look.



  7. So beautiful pieces of art! ❤ Happy tuesday!


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