March is moving along at breakneck speed and I need to highlight some more super fab Blogs.

Patty and her blog Coisas Pequenas is a new mom to a baby boy and I love the way she crochet his clothes and toys, he is a lucky lad 🙂

Here is a toy she made for him:


 jamieaaron03 and his blog Sogaspe loves to crochet and knit among other things and he is currently working on this:20140314-204402.jpg

jlpiallat and his blog Les Hauts De Hurle Valence  is a photographer and I love how he takes you back in time with his photography (but beware sometimes he brings you raw reality too) I love this cute pic:

Maria Matthews   is a soon to be famous published writer and  her blog Decidinglybob is very entertaining with lots of stories of Bob:


djdfr and her blog DJDblogginghere is a blogger who shares her love of gardening and food and she can crochet too.

crochet motifs  I love this pattern.

Have a nice Tuesday!!! enjoy today It Is A Gift!!! 🙂 See You Soon…


  1. Thanks for your kind words . xx


  2. Thank you for sharing such interesting blogs. The stitchery is so lovely….as always. I just love the toy!!!!! I know that the ones made out of fabric can be a challenge. Hugs………………


  3. Thank you for mentioning me.


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