To celebrate the day before my favorite day I want to bring to you some of the blogs I visit when I want to have a “feast” I hope you come along with me, don’t eat at home please,  you need to try out their buffet..

Sam Han  and her blog The Bonding Tool is for the serious foodie. She is a world traveler and she showcases delicacies from each country, the best place to eat, the address, prices, etc WOW!!

apuginthekitchen is about Suzanne who develops recipes in her kitchen and have published several of her creations in magazines.  She has Izzy and Nando to keep her company and make cooking fun.

Sofia is a great photographer. Her photographs are crystal clear and you can “walk” right into them. I love beautiful photography.

PASTOR DAVIS/MASTER TEACHER  is a blog about inspiration and faith and Pastor Davis is a great teacher. If you want to find hope, visit with him, I think you will find it.

Well, there are a lot more blogs that I love to visit but space is limited. No offense to anyone, you are all lovely bloggers and creative and I love visiting with you.










  1. Thanks for the shout out Pat 😀 I don’t know why there’s no ping back to me on wordpress. My media storage space is running low and I am thinking of self hosting. I am still considering the move as I want to keep my current (which has now retired and no longer applicable if I move to another host). Decisions decisions!

    My last few posts were scheduled so I wasn’t online. Been trying out a new genre in photography – Bugs! Lol… Have a great weekend Pat! 😀


    • exciting times, go for it, self hosting sounds a little scary to me lol 🙂 and your photography is really very good..


      • I am still contemplating. Self hosting is scary and seemed complicated. I may just pay up for more storage room and stick to the current site for another year. Cya around 😀


  2. I love that you’ve sent me to a few new sites! Thanks! Hope you have a lovely week =0)


  3. Thanks for these sites!


  4. I’m going to visit them. Thanks for sharing Pat. Blessings, Mtetar


  5. I am now officially HUNGRY!!!!!!! Those blogs are yum-meeeeeee!


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