Hello Everyone!! How was your weekend??

It is nice to be back after few days away. My weekend was nice, I took time to catch up on my sleep and relax. I worked on Lil Pet too because I am in the “obsessing” phase again.

I am still planning the end of month Celebration for the Terrific Two’s party, don’t tell me, I know it takes me forever to do somethings 🙂
I am planning a Road Trip which will be a two to three weeks trip which will combine the Bullion Stitch and Bruges Lace. Google images

Bruges Lace is a classic beauty too and I doubt it is too complicated, but figuring it out is a little daunting at this moment… more google images..

So what do you think? I think it is possible… Have a Nice Day!!!






  1. Beautiful and difficult, also worth trying. Blessings, Mtetar


  2. You will figure it out;)


  3. Looks really difficult to me but I am not adept at crochet or knitting. It’s so beautiful but for you who is so accomplished I would think it would be fairly simple.


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