Hello!!!! I had a very long day today,  the first Friday of April, so this post is unusually late.

If you read my post from yesterday,  you know I am planning another Recycled Project, and I need tons and tons of T-shirts, so first on my list I called Goodwill and asked if I could get their discarded T-shirts or clothing items that will end up in the garbage and was told:  “We do not throw away anything,  we sell it to other countries”.

Yes, that was an almost knock out blow, how am I ever going to get all the T-shirts needed to make My Massive Recycled Rug??? I do not have a clue, but hey,  I need to persevere, I do not have a deadline 🙂

I am not going to call The Salvation Army because I have a feeling their answer is going to be similar to Goodwill. So what can I do? Any Ideas??

Changing Subjects: The Doily Crochet Along AKA Bruges Lace and Bullion Stitch Road Trip has gotten the Green Light, YaY!!!! from Me 🙂 I hope you give it a green light too….

In other news: I bought a Bruges Lace Crochet book for the Second Giveaway Gift, more on that on Monday morning.

So,  this is all for now, hoping you are having a very nice day and you are planning an exciting weekend.

Enjoy each and every sunshine, Life is a gift, things sometimes seems bleak but please know that It too shall pass… Hugs!!!!!

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  1. I hope you get the T-shirts you need to make your rug. Asking people you know is a great idea. Or maybe you could ask thrift stores if they would give you the shirts that would be in worse shape than they would like to put in their shop. Good luck.

    I love the photo of the tulips – so crisp and pretty.



  2. Josefa Pagán says:

    Ask your neighbors maybe they can help.


  3. Here in the UK clothes and other fabrics that are not fit to be worn can be sold for ‘rags’ that can be used to make cleaning cloths for indutry and such like.


  4. Sometimes our charity shops have sale days where you can fill a bag for a dollar or less. That would still work out quite cheaply, perhaps???, if your shops do something similar.


  5. I think charity shops can sell scrap fabric to the rag trade for making into bedding, insulation etc which is why they won’t part with it. Asking friends via fb or email sounds a good bet. Good luck x


  6. I am sure someone will come up with a good answer! 😀


  7. If you asked on Facebook, I bet you would be successful in collecting T-shirts! Yes, you have to private message your mailing address, but…
    Good luck!

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    • I agree, ask people you know to send you old t-shirts and I’ll bet you would get a ton! Otherwise, I wonder if the trash or recycling company in your area separates them out, they might need a wash but that would be the MOST environmentally friendly way to get them. And now that I say that I am really interested to see if my own trash company does that, what a way to save some harmful trash!


      • I agree about posting the search for free T-shirts on Facebook. Close friends and neighbors are the best folks to ask for free stuff. I can only think of thrift stores that sell T-shirts for $1.50-$2, which is not as great as the comment above about getting a whole bag full of clothes for a buck. Wish I lived near that thrift store. Hope you’re able to find the materials you need and how interesting Goodwill’s response was to you (I would never have expected to hear that, had I called myself).


        • LOL!! Me too, about the thrift stores, I know Goodwill blew me away too, that’s a profitable business and I think people are possessive of their rags lol 🙂


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