We are starting a brand new week and I hope we all have fresh and creative ideas  we need to bring to life.

I received a lot of good advice about how to get my hoarding of T-shirts under way.

I  posted on Facebook (Patti Hall  suggestion) hopefully I will hear from someone soon. I sent out a loud chirp by twitter too, hopefully someone will chirp me back with good news.

Gallivanta, vjcollins and Jane,  mentioned charity shops, for us that is Goodwill and Salvation Army, etc but they don’t share their throw away, they sell them to other countries, 100% profit???

I did ask my friends and family as suggested by Marianne  and jcp34 but It  never even crossed my mind to ask my neighbors, thumbs up,  Josefa, I need to try that, but I have a vague suspicion that people will part with their ragged T-shirts for a price, so I guess my best bet is to visit the landfill, which just came to my mind.

Well the red tape is a ” little big”  and I need to call several places, but it looks like I can convince them, I hope.

Changing Subjects: the next giveaway will be announced tomorrow morning and will help the winner to go on the next Road Trip…

Have a great and fantastic Monday Morning and don’t forget to Recycle…





  1. It’s a tricky one….


  2. Oh wow Pat you’re sooooo kind at heart. Blessings to all. Always, Mtetar


  3. Wow….you are definitely “charging” into the new week all ‘fired up’! To be truthful, so am I. A busy week ahead with many fun things on the agenda!!! Happy Monday!!!!!!


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