Meet Hieronymus, the happy hippy hippo

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the twisted yarn

This blog is (supposed to be) about knitting and crochet for the home. Hence that bonkers, never-again-even-if-you-paid-me stained glass window afghan. (In case you’re wondering, I’m currently sitting on the aforementioned afghan, and it’s also liberally adorned with toddler porridge, Thomas The Tank Engine stickers, and assorted toys. Is nothing sacred in this house?? NOTHING?!)  And hence the even more over-ambitious projects I’ve got planned for elsewhere in this old brewery.


You know that feeling a girl gets, sometimes? That I-must-crochet-a-floral-hippo feeling? Well, last week I got that feeling, and I got it bad. Here is the result. People, meet Hieronymus. Hieronymus, meet people:-

Crocheted hippo Crocheted hippo

And again:-

Hippo on tour Hippo on tour

…And again:-

Yup, it's a hippy hippo. Yup, it’s a hippy hippo.

And finally, with me and the Stoic Spouse and the Toddler Twinnage on board:-

TheTwistedYarn on tour TheTwistedYarn on tour

You want the pattern, yes? It’s the Happypotamus by Heidi Bears. Easily searchable…

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  1. The little dolls riding on the hippo are so cute!


  2. I loved this one a lot. Happy Easter in advance Pat 😀


  3. Soooo creative and cute. Blessings, Mtetar


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