It is a new week and the weather outside is gorgeous and cool. Flowers are everywhere,  it is a great time to be alive.

This week is Holy Week and I want us to take some time to meditate and feed our spiritual side. Your soul will thank you 🙂


Preparations for the Road Trip are under way: I know Bruges Lace and Bullion in one work seems like daunting but I believe we can do it.

This is new for me too,  I have never worked with these two stitches before but I want to learn and hopefully we can produce a nice looking doily without too many frustrations or stress.

I want something simple and basic, no “over the top” design, I am not an expert as I mentioned before.

This is the patternBolero em renda de brugesI want to use, and as always feel free to visit the site directly. We need to learn how to do this and this all images are from google..

This is not rocket science but it does look intimidating when you look at the whole “picture” so we will work our project: one stitch at a time, practice the tape which is not hard, I believe the joining is the trick part, but we W I L L conquer that too 🙂

Well this is all for today just keep in mind that it can be done…

Have a great day!! enjoy the sunshine, Today is a gift!!

Doily Lucky – Crochet Pattern Doily Lucky – Crochet Pattern







  1. Hello friend, long time no see. I am finally getting settled in Texas and back to the blog world hopefully a little more normal now. Your work still is amazing as always! I had fun going back to some of the posts I missed.


  2. Happy Easter.


  3. So pretty! I love the delicate work in the last two photographs.


  4. I love love love those pink flowers….and they will never wilt!!!!


  5. What a coincidence: I was just thinking that when all the Easter crafts are done, it would be time to crochet some flowers, I have similar patterns to the once you have up top!


  6. Lovely!!! Blessings, Mtetar


  7. they are all so beautiful, such a lovely time of year to appreciate the world in bloom 🙂


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