Russian crochet artists are in a class by themselves in my humble opinion.

Some of the most intricate out of this world crochet usually belongs to a Russian artist and is where most of them are, I hope you agree with me after this tour:

And use the google translate feature, it is priceless. See More

shawl with interesting crocheted stitch pattern

free-baby-booties-patternAren’t these lovely? can we get to that level? only time will tell, I have no idea if I can get there,  but….I will practice like crazy and try my hand at designing new stuff.

Are You In for the challenge??



  1. totally agree. they are intricate and classy indeed!


  2. I think I will just stand by and admire from a distance.


  3. Wow, so cute!!!


  4. wow, those collars are superb, all such beautiful pieces 🙂


  5. Wow!!!!!!


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