How is everyone?? Fine? Fantastic? Yes!! good 🙂

The Road Trip is still winding through all those breathtakingly beautiful countryside roads,  while we continue our Bullion and Bruges Lace CAL.

Changing Subjects: We are almost in the half of the year, May is an excellent time to start organizing our gift list, the yarn and patterns for each project for.

If  you recycle and adapt your designs to use discarded items that could end up in our landfills then you are doing exceptionally well and  you are a savvy designer,  in my book.

When we finish the doily you can make a second one for gift giving and better yet, design another set to keep or to give away. Remember the more we practice our skills the easier it gets and the nicer it looks.

Well, you know what is coming now 🙂 Artisans and Bloggers,  it is time to U-N-W-I-N-D and Relax…….  go outside and smell the roses,  walk or run or just sit under a tree.  Breath in slowly and Breath Out slowly all the pure (I hope) air and just recharge…

Sit Back and let google take over…








  1. And we have a three day weekend here in the uk. Yay.


  2. Let Google take over? LOL. Have a nice weekend..


  3. Let Google take over…lol…love it. 🙂


  4. amen amen amen to this thought…ITS THE WEEKEND!!!!! Gorgeous picture.


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