TGIF 5/16

I am having a little designing headache now,  but I think the Doily CAL is looking good. I will post shortly several rows so you can have a little homework for the weekend 🙂

Anytime I get bored with Doily I pick up Lil Pet or one of my recycled glass bottles.  I am usually  working on something,  but some days I don’t touch anything crochet, I just need the down time…

I am always happy when Friday comes around though, it  marks the end of the creative week for me, and my time to enjoy free time.

I have awards I need to acknowledge but it will be next week, I cannot find one 🙂 I wish we had a way to look for stuff on the blog, that would save me a ton of time, thank you WordPress for that upgrade!!

I haven’t started the making of the Tarn either but I am eager to start that rug, and after that I want to make a table and a lampshade to complete that room, I know it sounds ambitious but I believe I can do it with time. 

Here is a look at several lampshades and the table I think is gorgeous,  thanks to google:     




These are all extremely creative and beautiful, it will take patience but I know if I persevere I can do it.

So these are my goals for this year, I hope I can accomplish most of them….So enough!!! now it is time to reflex and relax…..







  1. Love that creative mind of yours! 🙂 And yes, stuff gets buried pretty quick. I’ll need to find/acknowledge a few awards here as well. ❤ ❤


  2. That’s an ambitious goal, but it sure is pretty. Go for it!


  3. If anyone could accomplish these… are definitely THE one!!!!!!


  4. wow they all look fantastic! 🙂


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