I love flowers and in crochet this one stands out for me: the Japanese Flower, it is not hard and when joined it makes happy and pretty projects, look at these from google..      


I think it could make a really nice purse or rug or even a blouse, but if I am going to go with a blouse I would use fewer colors, to keep it simple.

This tutorial is for one of these flower I hope you make one today.

Well let me keep it short, I need to post on the Road Trip too, so see you later okay?? Enjoy today!! 🙂


  1. real masterpieces… I’m serious! I have no artistic talent and 2 left hands, even though I’m right-handed… 🙂 admiration and respect, cheers! Mélanie


  2. They all look so lovely, Id love a crochet flower purse. Ive seen a scarf made of them too 🙂


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