I hope you have finished the last row and you are ready for the next 2 easy rows.
Today we are going to do a row of a bigger tape, it consists of 4 double crochet DC plus 6 chains for the loop.
So chain 13 and place your first DC in chain #7 then the other 3 in each successive chain, then chain 3 to anchor, skip two 3 DC from the last row and anchor, continue until you reach the end and sew together.

The corners are made up of 3 loops and the middle should have one loop.

Now you are ready for this row: just attach your thread in the middle loop and crochet 3 DC then 2 chains and make your corners the usual way by insertin in each loop and when you have all 3 loops close with a slip stitch and repeat. Check the photographs, for any clarification, Thanks!!







  1. Miss Literal says:

    Hi, sorry for the suddenness of this, but I nominated you for the Liebster award. I recently found your blog and loved your craft ideas. Please see my blog for more information. 🙂


  2. Thank you for stopping by my site and following me. I must make the wife and daughter aware of your site. Both of them knit and crochet, and the wife occasionally tats, so they may well be interested. 😆
    I published a post titled, Oh Yeah? Name One! Dec. 11/13, about names, and mentioned that the son works with a Bradley Joe, who you cannot find on Facebook. (Did you mean Joe Bradley?) Are you afflicted with the same problem. 😕


    • Thank you for your kind words, and yes your wife and daughter are welcome to visit 🙂 I love tatting too but I’m not good at it 🙂
      P.S, you lost me on the second paragraph, who is Joe Bradley???


  3. Gorgeous!


  4. Good job, pne of my friend who is a psychiatrician, she told me that this could reduce our certain anger….


  5. I love this, it is stunning.


  6. This is beautiful, your work amazes me.


  7. That hole in the middle is getting smaller and smaller. I thought we needed four flowers. Though as you know all I did was make the one at the beginning. 🙂


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