When I am thinking of starting a new project one of the first thing I want to have down pat is the color. I love vibrant colors, it makes me feel alive but not all projects I feel should have lots of colors.

I love the look of serenity when you are looking at a blanket with only one color or a blanket done in pastels colors very soft and lovely.

For my recycled crochet room which is made mostly of the granny square technique. I want a balance between nice vibrant colors and  nice single dark colors to tone down the very lively colors of the sofa and hopefully make the room a peaceful oasis.

To try to make that peaceful oasis I need to tone down RR I think he’s too loud, so I am going to complete him with all the colors of t-shirts yarn that I already have and then give him a soak in a dark color, maybe black.  It is not going to mute all the colors but it will tone them down enough for it to seem more matte in look,  that should tie in just fine with my very loud vibrant couch.

So I have taken a cyber tour and came up with some examples…pinterest and google are always great…

So,  what do you think? Are you with me that we need a balance between solid colors and lots of vibrant colors or do you prefer just a happy mix of  lots of colors?











  1. Balance is desirable in everything, but it’s not really anything i’ve ever achieved (at least not deliberately!!!) Go for colours – they’ll settle down into a harmonious whole at some stage. And if they don’t, pretend it was meant to be that way 🙂


  2. Hmm. . that’s a hard question. Assuming that I like the color palette, I like a mixture of colors. In general I like combinations that include both bright and muted colors.


  3. I am not sure but I think I rather like lots of bright colour.


  4. For myself, I am more of a muted colour person, though occasional blasts of brightness are good too. I do like that first image of the charcoal and grape cushion covers. The overdyed denim blue blanket is rather nice too. I guess the overdyed idea could be re-interpreted in any colour. I can imagine some muted colours would go well with your marvelous crochet couch 🙂


  5. I like to use a colour wheel to help select colours. Either colours that are close to each other (shades of greens transitioning into blues), or colours that are opposite like pink and green.


  6. Cnawan Fahey says:

    The Lady of Shallot

    There she weaves by night and day
    A magic web with colours gay,
    She has heard a whisper say,
    A curse is on her if she stay
    To look down to Camelot.
    She knows not what the curse may be,
    And so she weaveth steadily,
    And little other care hath she,
    The Lady of Shalott.


  7. I like a calm background to show off the odd brightly coloured item. It’s like my rule of not having patterned walls and patterned carpet and patterned curtains. Especially if they are all different.


  8. Personally, I am a solid color kinda girl, but I think that is because I feel that I’m not gifted at combining colors so I tend to take the safe route. It has been through the magic of blogland that I have become more comfortable with choosing multi-color projects. I prefer solid backdrops still, but now I adore adding an hippy-dippy eye-popping vibrant accessory piece to a room. There, I’ve admitted that the internet has made me GROW and step out of my comfort zone 😉


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