This is a crochet stitch that gives a nice texture to any project you have in mind. You can  use it to accent your project or can choose to do all your project with this stitch.  

You can guarantee it is going to be over the top stunning.




The stitch is very easy, it looks a lot like the puff stitch but it is worked a little different, check online for the tutorials.

Use it when you need a 3D effect and you won’t settle for plain 🙂


So there, you have another stitch to learn and to tell the truth it is just a technique that you already know how to do, change things up and create, the sky IS the limit…have fun… See You Soon…


  1. Thank you for reminding me once again of this beautiful stitch. Have not used it in a while. 🙂


  2. Almost looks good enough to eat…but I won’t. 😀


  3. These are really beautiful. Looks like you can do a lot with that stitch.


  4. When I pull out my needle later on, I am going to try this Daniella Joe. Thank you for sharing. I really love the look!


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