This week we are exploring how tiny crochet items can give a finished look to our Christmas Crochet Gifts.

These are perfect because they are very fast projects and you will need  to love working with tiny objects. 

As you know, I prefer to work with big projects, I don’t necessarily enjoy starting tiny projects, but these are different. They can be made in a bunch at one sitting or made one or two at a time to break up the monotony of working on a big project.

google images..




Some are more detailed than others, which is always good for the overachiever (me), the more details the better 🙂

So, are you with me? the more details the better or not? what is your opinion?

At the end of the week I will show you my Bling. You will see how your work can go from bland to WOW!!  with bling.

Sending you more inspiration..Enjoy today…Have a Fantastic Day…see you soon…


  1. These are so cute! I love the tiny little accents! A gift within a gift!


  2. I love the lot in the first picture, and of course, the little socks. 🙂


  3. The spiral snowman is already on my to-do list


  4. I’m actually working on 24 of those little snowmen right now. I always make a small ornament for my kids and nieces & nephew. Plus I have the kids take some with their gifts for school.


  5. I really, really love these! I got a little book of Christmas crochet patterns last month. I was trying to be organised but I still haven’t started any of them. 😦 I can’t wait, though. They look lovely 🙂


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