Welcome Aboard!!! This is our last Road Trip of the year, a.k.a  Christmas Crochet Along.

On this trip we want to learn new techniques and stitches that will help us become expert crochet artists.

Please take out your supplies and let us start: I chose only 2 colors for this ball but you can change-up the colors to your liking. 

We will learn to change colors to and to decide what we like best: To carry the color or to pick it up at the end.

Start by chaining 10 then closing with a slip stitch, to make a circle. 

Next row,  chain 1 and half double crochet (HDC) in the back loop of the stitch please of each HDC from the row below. Slip stitch to complete the row.

Now, we want to add your highlight color, and there are several ways to do it but I am doing it by adding my new color directly on the hook, then pulling through the new color, check photographs.

So chain 5 and anchor in every other HDC from previous row, this time we are anchoring directly in the space between HDC, anchor with a single crochet (SC), at the end of the row you must have eleven spaces.

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Now, we have a little tip to keep the colors neat: to close the row we are going to slip stitch and switch the colors, and slip stitch again with the new color, then chain 2 and crochet 3 double crochet (DC) for a total of 4 DC in each loop from the previous row, separate each group of 4 DC with one chain: 4 DC – 1 ch – 4 DC- repeat. 

Your work should lay flat, if it starts to pucker up then you know you are missing stitches and you need to unravel and see where you went wrong, no big deal. In this row we did not “carry” the second color, but we are going to do so in this next row.

Next, slip stitch and the color that must be on the hook is your accent color. chain 5 then anchor with a SC, you notice that this first loop is always 1 stitch longer than the others right? that is because it will be the closing this row.

Next, we will “carry” the dominant color meaning we will be working over it, this is the technique they use in tapestry crochet.

Please continue the same pattern of 4 DC – 1 ch – 4 DC repeat. Your work will start to bowl up this is good. Place the ball we will be covering on your work it should fit like a beanie on your head 🙂

Continue this pattern until you have covered most of the ball. 

Tomorrow we will finish it with a different stitch.

Do you like to “carry” the second color or just “pick” it up at the end?? If you ask me, I will tell you that I prefer to pick it up at the end. I crochet faster like this, the messy look is on the wrong side so it shouldn’t matter too much 🙂





  1. Thank you. I did learn a lot from this. One is never to old to learn a new technique. 🙂

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