Today, we want to finish the project we started yesterday and learn a few more stitches.

The slip stitch is a stitch that is very easy and practical when you want to add a burst of color to your work or to change colors neatly.

We are going to slip stitch in each stitch from the row below and when you reach the end of the row slip stitch to close.

Next, I want to add the Star Stitch, which is very pretty, crochet loosely in the color that was the highlight. Just two rows. You won’t be closing each row, just turn the work like you see in the video.

Next, we are going to close these 2 rows. There will be a hole, because of extra slip stitches from the previous row, here is where you use double crochet to close the gap, then slip stitch to close the row.

You want to put the ball in at this point because we are going to decrease.

Next, we are going to go into each single crochet (groups of 4) from the previous row, in other words, when you have 4 loops on your hook  you close the chain, similar to what we did with the star stitch,  repeat until you are at he end of the row, do not stop just go around and around, until you have completely covered the ball.

Tips: for the Star stitch you want to keep the stitches loose, you don’t want them too tight. You can decorate each ball further with bows and more trimmings 🙂11042014 009 11042014 010 11042014 011 11042014 012 11042014 013 11042014 014 11042014 016 11042014 017 11042014 018 11042014 021 11042014 020

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Tomorrow we are going to tackle another project…








  1. Those are great! Could they perhaps even be stuffed with fibre-fill instead of an old ornament? 🙂 ❤ ❤

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  3. How cute and pretty is that!


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