Today we are going to look into texture. Texture makes your work POP, and there are several stitches that will give you that effect.

I love Double Crochet Clusters and we have used them a lot on our road trips, same with the Puff stitch, and they are more, but today we want to use the clusters and each cluster is made up of 5 DC, so they are big.

Let us start by decreasing: you will double crochet in each top chain of your knot of the previous row no chains in between, you just want to “round them up”, the ball should be inside your covering, close to the end of the row, If you know what I know ๐Ÿ™‚ close the row with a slip stitch and chain 2 to start the cluster row.

Clusters are easy super easy, ย just make ย your DC without closing it and do it 5 times ย when you have all those loops on your hook you need to close it and go to the other one. You will place your cluster in every other DC from the previous row. close your row with a slip stitch.ย 

Next, is our last row: chain 1 and do half double crochet (HDC) so each loop from the previous row will have 2 HDC and slip stitch and we are done for now.

Tips: because I used an old defective ball that had no hanging parts, i had to make my own, please see the photograph.

Okay, so this is it for today, I hope it wasn’t too difficult, any questions?? leave a comment, thanks Artisans ๐Ÿ™‚

P.S we will decorate them later.

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  1. Lovely. . I have similar Christmas balls that I hang on my tree each year. Someone gave them to me many years ago.

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  2. what a lovely idea.. thanks for the inspiration.


  3. Texture is wonderful….it also makes photography pop too! Love your creativity my friend.


  4. Very pretty – are you making a lot of them?

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  5. I’m impressed with this craft! I can scarcely tie my shoes!

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