Today, we want to look at how you can use color to bring a dramatic effect to your work.

Black is an intense color and it can be used as a highlight or if you use it in its entirety you will like the modern look it gives to your project.

Red is a color you want to use when you want a burst of joy and it can be used as a highlight or a dominant color.

White can hold its own, it is excellent when you want a nice neutral color that goes with anything. And as the previous two colors it is used a lot in crochet.

I experimented  with Kool-Aid and I liked the results, I think it is an easy way  to dye yarn, and it does have a nice aroma, like Johanna mentioned.

The yarn you choose is important too, but that is a topic for another time. So please take out your darkest color and any other light color you have in your stash, and let us begin..

You know by know how to start a circle, so please chain 5 close with a slip stitch and chain 1 and single crochet 9 in your circle for a total of 10 (always remember that first chain counts as your first SC) close with a slip stitch. You decide what color to use for your base, then bring it the DRAMA, chain 2 and DC in each SC from the previous row, close your row (you know how to close a row by now).

Then you use your highlight color to SC on the back loop of your DC from the previous row and close row. Bring back the dark color and either do 1 DC or 2 DC in each space, I have a big ball so that is why I needed more width, if you have a small ball you may not need to do so. Always remember the size of your yarn has a lot o say.

I had a size 3 yarn so it is thick which is very good, because my ball is big and it will still look nice. If you have a size 10 thread it will take you a little longer to catch up to me but your work will look more “dainty” and nice 🙂

Ok let us leave this here for now, you can look at mine for inspiration but definitely do your own style.

..006 005

p.s please forgive the’s not me lol




  1. So very pretty. Enjoy the Kool Aid dye, I loved it. 🙂

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  2. Beautiful combination. Blessings Always, Mtetar

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