It is always fun to go on a Road Trip with You, lovely Artisans, and this one was no different.

Today we say goodbye for now and I hope we have acquired new skills in our constant goal to become better Crochet Artists.

The trimmings and everything else was done for you to exercise your creativity, I made suggestions but the completed project is TOTALLY you.

I really enjoy each of you who always seems to say the right words to keep me motivated and inspired, to each of you…….a big Thank You!!!

Keep practicing your skills it only gets better with time, learn new stitches, “invent” new stitches, break rules, and work until you meet the expectations you had in your mind for your project.

This is my rendition, I hope yours look better than mine and if you want to send me an email with your finished project I will highlight it and pin it on my board.

Keep up the good work, keep motivated and Enjoy your weekend, Crochet truly Rocks!! 🙂





  1. I love this type of crocheted Christmas ball. They bring back warm fuzzy memories of wonderful Christmases in the past. I haven’t been following along making them, but I’m thinking of coming back to this and trying to make a few before the holidays. This project looks like would be a manageable size/complexity for a novice crocheter like me.

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