Some time ago one of my lovely Artisan blogger asked me if I knew where to buy T-shirt yarn here in the USA, I told her that I had to buy mine overseas, but guess what??

Β there is Fettuccini Yarn at Wal-Mart now, the price is $6.97, but the variety is not very big, and I only saw one of a kind, meaning you cannot really make a project with only one of each…so there is still some need for this type of yarn.

So, hopefully they will make a deal with Hoooked in Europe, who knows πŸ™‚

This is all for now, Have a Fantastic and creative Day!!!



  1. What an genius idea for a name of this yarn. It looks just like it.


  2. I’ve never tried using this but have been impressed by projects I have seen. Maybe in the future….


  3. Thank you for sharing Pat! Blessings Always, Mtetar

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  4. Maybe sometime in the future I may try something with this……intriguing!!!!! The snow is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Hugs…………………

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  5. Good too know I want to try working with this kind of yarn.


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