Countdown is fast approaching, and I wanted to post about all my WIP’s  today but just couldn’t make it, so hopefully on Monday I will bring you all the things I am working on in my spare time…..The Monday Morning Updates 🙂

I am taking some time to visit with you before the year is over and I am getting more inspired by all of  YOU, creative artisans, we need to keep up the posts 🙂

This little blog will be turning 3 years old very soon, YaY!!! it is still hard to believe and I have known a lot of you for that many years and we are still keeping the craft alive…Applause!!

Crochet is here to stay and we need to teach the younger generation and hopefully get the older generation hooked too. It brings me such  joy to have my fellow blogger Maria tell me she is knitting and crocheting again, Nice!!! and she is a great published author, E-Book CoverI always love visiting with her, check out her book on, P.S she did not ask me to do this, I am doing it on my own 🙂

I have lots more to say but very little time, so let us say Ciao for now and we will see you here early Monday morning……
Have A Great Weekend!!!…..






  1. Thank you, thank you, I cannot say it enough. Thank you for putting up a notice about my book.This was the first self published book and since then I have signed with Emu Ink to work on one of my children’s books for publication. SO I am extra excited, but back to the knitting /crocheting skills, I have tried my hand at crochet and find squares the most easy thing to do. I will keep practicing and hopefully my knitted hats will turn into crochet hats.

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  2. Beautiful pix. And happy soon-“bday”. =)



  3. Have a great weekend yourself. Xx

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