As we begin the descent into the New Year, I want to chose my goals for the New Year.

This New Year 2015 I want to learn more about yarns. I want   Image

to try this yarn, sold by Ispe in Italy and named Dessert wool it is made up of 50% Fine Merino 30% Baby Camel Hair and
20% Kid Mohair. I hope I find something similar here in the USA, maybe on Amazon.

I want to make a granny blanket. I have seen a lot of very nice blankets and I want one too, but I want to choose a yarn that will give me a nice drape and is soft and a has a nice thickness, I want a fast project.

Artisans can you give me some tips of which yarns you like best for blankets? which weights in yarn I should consider? Thanks for your advice.

I want to learn Tapestry Crochet.  There is an Artist by the name of Xenobia Bailey who specializes in that area of crochet<b>Xenobia</b> <b>Bailey</b> - &quot;funky&quot; <b>crochet</b> her creations are magnificent.Geplaatst door Petra van Breda op 08:51

And if you want to learn you can join the Ravelry group Tapestry Crochet which is under the direction of Carol Ventura. For great tutorials please visit her website.

My goals are not very lofty so I hope I can show you some completed projects very soon.

Well let me stop here. Did you make up your goals yet? can you share with us? 🙂

Have a very happy Last Monday of 2014…Enjoy today it is a Gift…..








  1. WOW, I can only assume she has an army of crocheters in the back room with blisters on half their fingers and bandaids on the other half. Seems like a LOT of work she’s surrounded by. The colours are wonderful.

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  2. Helloooo lovely 🙂 Thanks for the info on Xenobia ~ very cool stuff she’s got going on there. I have been learning more about fibre in 2014 (personal goal achieved ~ wooty woot), because most of my life I have used cheap acrylic or cotton. I think you saw my labor of love afghan with fingering weight 100% wool over at my blog, and I must say that even though it took what felt like forever to complete, it is by far the most beautiful and loved afghan I have ever made in 30+ years of crochet. It was truly worth every minute and it has officially turned me into a yarn-snob for wool. It made me realize that as hard as I work on all my yarny projects, I deserve to use the “good stuff” and not save it for a rainy day (if that analogy makes sense). Just my 2 cents 🙂
    Cheers to a wonderful new year!

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    • totally agree, i think I am becoming a yarn snob too lol and I need to see that afghan again…Happy New Year 2015!!! I hope it brings you all the best and lots of luxurious yarn 🙂



    Thank you for blessings my soul and our ministry in this past year. May you be filled with much love, joy and peace during this coming season. Happy New Year My Friend.

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  4. Happy New Year Pat! 😀

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  5. Wow, Xenobia Bailey’s work looks stunning! If that’s what tapestry crochet looks like, I might have to follow your example and learn too. Wishing you a happy, crafty new year.

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  6. It seems that today has flown by just as others have. A special request from DH kept me at the machines trying to work with a pattern I’ve not done before. Not always a fast finish when I “assume” I know what I’m doing…… lots of frogging goin’ on here!!! LOL! But a finish in the end (with modifications to compensate for a “oops”!). Haven’t taken a moment to set any goals yet. DH has wanted to be a “snowbird” for quite a while so in a couple of weeks we head to so. Tx to scope out possibilities…..being gone for around 3 weeks has had my thoughts in planning mode!

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  7. One of my goals is to try all kinds of new crafty things. Perhaps I will get around to crocheting something awesome.

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  8. Just a coupleof thoughts on crochet blankets. I’ve only made blankets in acrylic but it is surprising how heavy even an acrylic blaket is. I also think that the size of hook has an effect on the drape and softness of the resulting blaket as well as the yarn.

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