It has been a good year, I did not have too many frogging melt downs, that is if you do not count the long “mechanical” breakdown on our Bullion and Bruges Lace CAL, that was really bad πŸ™‚ and the frog that was my first attempt at amigurumi, he is still in a drawer…

As we start another chapter in our chosen fiber craft and in our personal life, let us be grateful. It is a privilege and a gift.

While I did not meet my goal to learn a new stitch each month I did learn new techniques and several new stitches that will only make me a better crochet artist.

This is my crafty year in review:


I have used old materials to create the yarn forΒ my RR (recycled rug) making him totally green and covered my old faux pearl earrings, old glass bottles with crochet to recycle them and give them a new life….Green, It Is A Way of Life for me and for a lot of you here on WordPress, we have kept a lot of old materials from the landfill, we are doing our part.

Let us keep up the good work, let us keep alive this Revolution…..Crochet Is Here To Stay!!!!

I hope to keep connected with you in this new year, hugs and love always…Sincerely, Patricia aka DaniellaJoe πŸ™‚







  1. Great review!

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  2. You really have been busy and I’m rather amazed and amused that you’ve yarn bombed your mailbox. I’ve also realized that I’ve called you by the wrong name many times, LOL Tricky bit of business that, Best Wishes ‘Patricia’ and Cheers.

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  3. Good to look back on all the lovely things you have made this last year!


  4. The sofa cover and mail box were highlights for me – such originality!


  5. I didn’t manage to finish my pre Christmas craft project but at least I started! Maybe it will be done by next Christmas. What a wonderfully creative year you have had. I would love to see your mailbox with a new cover for every season!


  6. I love it all but the couch cover was particularly awesome! πŸ™‚


  7. You have a lot to show for your year. πŸ™‚


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