Christmas vacation is over and now is the best time to organize and decide what you are trying to accomplish for this coming year.

Somewhere it says that what you put down in writing you achieve, so here goes my written goals for January.

For January I want to finish, cross off and detach myself from Big Lil Pet, it has been an almost  3 years attachment, it is time to wrap her up and let go.

I want to continue experimenting with yarns and hooks.

I bought several skeins of Simply Soft from Caron to start my blanket. I have used it before and it is decent, at 100% acrylic, it is soft but a little stiff in my opinion so it needs some type of treatment to get it soft and inviting, with a nice drape.

It is easy to buy: you can find it online at Amazon but,  it is more expensive than if you buy it at your local Wal-Mart, I need to check the price at  Joan’s and Michael’s, maybe I can get it cheaper? who knows 🙂

So my first blanket will be made of 100% acrylic yarn, and the color will be mostly gray, it will complement all the colors in my Crochet room. I cannot call it recycled anymore can I? 

I want to make my blanket  in the traditional granny square style, but using several styles of squares which I want to design some and maybe copy some. 

I don’t think I could make all the squares for a big blanket all the same way, it is too boring, I need to change-up stitches. Colors? I can stick with a dominant color, and try to use up all of my little remnants. Wish me luck.

So there, these are my goals for January, I believe I can achieve them, but we will have to see 🙂

Let me stop here and ask you if you have set your goals yet, or if you need more time.

I came across Missy’s Crafty Mess and she has her goals written down, I can tell she is much more organized than I am, so I am trying to follow her lead 🙂

Okay, this is all for now, hoping you have relaxed over the break and you are ready for intense creativity and learning.

Make this a great day, enjoy and be thankful..Today is A Gift..





  1. Happy 2015 Patricia! That’ll be nice to cozy up with an inspirational sampler afghan in your crochet room 🙂 ♥ ❤


  2. I am just doing a day at a time. Sometimes I write things done the day before but mostly not. I admire your plans and I am sure you will get a lot done.


  3. Your blanket sound like the perfect chance to have a bit of an experiment and we all know how much you love to experiment 😉


  4. I haven’t even got my 2015 calendar on the wall yet!!!! LOL! Denial??? Lazy???? Later????? Whatever the reason, it’s hot happened! Maybe today!!!! Stay tuned…………………………..


  5. Love the calendar. BTW I purchased yarn on New Years Day. So I guess I made it about 12 hours with that goal. Good Luck


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