I have noticed all the career or full-time crochet artists have started posting for Valentine’s day.

I think it is a good idea because crochet takes time. The more finishing touches you add to your project the more exquisite and lovely and one of a kind it becomes.

Hearts come in a lot of colors but red seem to be my favorite 🙂 so I have decided to take a stroll and bring you some inspiration.

Most of these projects are small and take very little yarn so make this Heart project a good excuse to use up all your tiny pieces of yarn.

Come along and see if you can make a very unique Heart….







There are lots of tutorials out there so get your supplies and crochet away…

Have a great day and See You soon….


  1. The Hearts are lovely!


  2. Some really wonderful ideas here. Now if only I remembered how to crochet.


  3. Nice projects, thank you for posting 🙂

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    Now what lady would not want one of These hearts???


  5. Some nice inspiration here. Better than easyer preparation!,


  6. Nice to see some more unusual designs in there – love the freeform heart pillow:)


  7. Love them and so glad to see that there’s advance notice to get them done!!!!!!


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