Happy Monday Morning!! It is nice to start the week with lots of  good energy, after a very relaxing weekend.

I wanted to start my Calm Blanket on the weekend and that is exactly what I did. 

I am using relaxing colors, mostly gray to tone down my very vibrant Crochet Recycled Room, click here if you want to see it. I need balance in that room.

I am still debating what to do with my Recycled Rug after it is completed. I do not want to have a big plash of color on the floor, too. I like rooms that are happy but relaxing.

So I am using a variation of the granny square to make my blanket, all basic stitches and not so classic granny squares, I will show my progress when I am a little farther along.

Color icon gray v2.svg Color icon gray v2.svg

These are all neutral shades, I have no idea if I can find them in the yarn I am using but I will try to see how far I can go…

I like something like this

A splash of color in a neutral room, and remember crochet really create a much cozier feel when used freely in a room.

Okay so this is all for today, please let me know if you know of any yarn company that sells lots of yarns in different shades of the same color. So far I am not finding a large selection of gray in my area.

Have a great and fantastic day today….See You Soon.. 🙂



  1. Beautiful, I cannot wait to see how it looks as you go. 🙂


  2. Grays are so soothing. Looking forward to seeing this come together.


  3. Beautiful~~~Grays are so wonderful to work with and I’m glad that they are back (thanks, in part, to the “modern” quilt movement.

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  4. I love the gray with splash of color. I also love the natural light in that room!

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  5. I love greys. My newly painted dining room is a grey/green. I love that it appears to be a different colour depending on the light. I’m no help finding the yarn for you but I’m excited to see how this unfolds!


  6. I use wool warehouse for a lot of my yarn purchases, try this link 249 shades in the collection so quite a few greys and neutrals, 100% wool the down side is £5.49 for a 100g ball. Not as much choice but probable enough to make a blanket if you include some soft beiges is this link to Stylecraft DK, 60 shades to choose from and the upside is £1.69 per 100g ball, 100% acrylic but i have used this yarn a lot and it’s really soft and washes well.

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  7. The perfect opportunity to start dyeing methinks. 😉

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