I am still searching for the perfect yarn and it is taking serious time, but I hope to have a good report very soon.

So far I like this yarn The Big Cozy   the grays look promising, these are by Knit Picks. It looks bulky enough and it is a combination yarn, let me keep my fingers crossed…

Changing subjects: the Flamies are like the Oscars in our Crochet World, at least that is what it seems to me.

We voted some time back and now they have announced the winners, click here to see all the winners.

I know some of the artists, but it is always nice to “meet” new artists. These are like the superstars in our circle 🙂

So now let me show you some bulky blankets..thanks to Pinterest…








  1. I really like those blankets.. I bet they are very warm. Very nice work.

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  2. Love the bulky blankets, I have seen them on Pintrest before too and thought about making one. I cant wait to see how you get on, maybe yours will give me the inspiration to go for it.

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  3. Gosh they are bulky!

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  4. Wow. Gorgeous for winter blankets!!

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  5. Perfect for the cold weather we are experiencing at the moment.

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  6. Blimey, they really ARE bulky yarns, aren’t they? Lovely examples:)

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