I am working on a mandala which is a round granny square with the simply soft yarn in gray and bone colors.

I love mandalas because you can work with so many stitches and colors and they all work together to form something beautiful.

Mine is simple but I have seen some that are real complex and very artistic.

I chose these two colors because of their warmth, and I hope they make my bathroom decor more modern and inviting 🙂

Here are some of the more complex types I found on google..




But if you want to make one then go ahead, they are not that difficult. Make your circle and then start crocheting, which stitch to use will come to you.

You can choose the stitch you want to work into the pattern and finish the row with that stitch, then switch to a new stitch or stay with the same stitch for several rows, trust me it will come out beautiful.

These are some of the simple ones, here the stitches are not the stars but the color combinations:




And here is mine, I hope you try making one today…



  1. Wow. That is something I have not tried… a granny in the round. Very nice work!


  2. Wow. These so beautiful, colorful and having wonderful patterns. I love them and so do my wife also!

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  3. Pretty! They really add a pop of color. Yours looks elegant with the neutrals.


  4. Gorgeous. Such peaceful colours. 🙂


  5. Beautiful! Love the combination of grey and yellow!

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  6. Yours is gorgeous. What will it become? (you mentioned your bathroom) 🙂


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