The Big Cozy is a trademark yarn made of 55% superfine alpaca and 45% Peruvian highland wool. It is made in Peru and sold by Knit Picks, it is perfect for my blanket.


I cannot find this yarn on Amazon, so I know it is sold exclusively at Knit Picks and at $9.00 for 100 gm it is expensive, but it is a delight to work with, I need a coupon 🙂

The stitch I chose is an easy one, a crochet stitch, because the knit stitch I wanted to use will require a massive knitting needle, which I don’t have, so crochet it is.

Take a look at the photographs and see if you can guess the stitch I used 🙂





  1. My guess is that it’s Peruvian. Seeing as it has Peruvian Highland Wool in it.

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  2. no idea, but I love the yarn!

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  3. Is it Tunisian?

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  4. What stitch? Without looking at some crochet I have done, I think my gut instinct would be US hdc but I’m prepared to be surprised! 🙂


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