Just a short post to touch base: the freezing weather is giving us a visit in Paradise, imagine a sunny day with temps in the 50’s …..but I don’t mind I love to wear sweaters and jackets and I especially like to turn of the AC 🙂

Our Road Trip is coming along nicely, no mechanical failures and we will have homework for the weekend since the trip is almost over, that post will come later.


Image result for crochet gloves Image result for crochet gloves


Image result for crochet chunky scarf Image result for crochet chunky scarf



Image result for crochet chunky blanket Image result for crochet chunky blanket

Have a safe weekend and enjoy!!! 


  1. It’s not so much cold here as depressingly wet, wet, wet!


  2. Lovely gloves!

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  3. Nice cozy pictures – stay warm!

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  4. loobyloucreations says:

    I love winter so i am okay with it:) I love blankets and jumpers, stay warm and have fun!!


  5. Those blankets look so cozy!

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