What happens when you try to mix Starch with Extra strong Elmer’s glue? they do not mix.

Because the glue clumped up and refused to dissolve in the starch, I decided to separate them. 

First, I starched my doily/bowl with the full strength of the starch and let it dry. The result was not what I expected, it was not rock hard but floppy so I applied the glue directly to my doily/bowl and I am still waiting for it to dry.

Let us hope this time it dries rock hard, if not I will need to re-apply the glue. I think the glue is better for this type of project.

So this is all for now, hopefully I will have good news tomorrow.      


  1. Do you have pva glue over there? I water that down to stiffen things.


  2. Well done for trying. Perseverance is a wonderful thing. Good luck!

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  3. My aunt used a high strength sugar water mixture, meaning lots of sugar. Works great as a stiffener, except my sister’s dog licked all the sugar off one of my aunt’s Christmas snowflakes and turned it into a damp rag. LOL

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  4. My experience is simmilar to yours (without the mixing) I use spray starch but it too doesn’t make the crochet rigid. I use diluted glue for my Christmas Baubles and that makes them rigid but does take the shine off the mercerised cotton.

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