Crochet Month is in full swing, I hope you are taking part in the Blog Hop Parties or completing WIP’s or learning new stitches…I am trying to “attend” some of the festivities 🙂

I am making more TARN (t-shirt yarn) to complete 2 projects, I am working on my Big Cozy Blanket and trying to figure out how to make DJ’s 3rd Birthday Party Giveaway at the end of the month a fun event, please feel free to leave suggestions 🙂

Please have a seat and let us chat

Pinterest always inspire and you can use vibrant colors to liven up any space in your office or home.

I will be checking in often today, let us chat 🙂


  1. I’m trying to learn the fsc stitch this month and I’m nearly cross-eyed with effort. It really does take some getting used to.

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  2. I think for Crochet Month, I should try to learn two new stitches and finish a project. Let me go digging around my stitch dictionaries. Thanks for the reminder DJ. 😀

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  3. Totally in awe about the last one, it is a piece of art!

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  4. Some gorgeous cushions and throws. Very clever use of colours in the last cushion looks like light and shade.

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