I have decided to use crochet dishcloths to replace my paper towels, so I used my JoAnn’s 60% off coupon to buy Sugar N’ Cream worsted 4 ply thread to make dishcloth/towels.

The colors are pastels rainbow, perfect for Spring and it is my 2 cents “green” living and budget aid πŸ™‚

I am on my third dishcloth. This is experimental crochet since It helps Β me to experiment with stitches and practice different techniques.

I will let you know how many dishcloths came out of this 14 oz spool and the designs.

Changing subjects: it is almost time for the Giveaway!!! Stay tuned…

What are you up to on this beautiful Wednesday ???



  1. Hmm I started making some of these last year….must dig them out.

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  2. Handmade dishcloths – how cool is that?! Been busy at work this week and too shattered to get on with my current projects – a baby blanket which is nearly finished ( just as well as friend’s baby is due in a week) and a crochet flower garland.

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  3. I started this habit a few years ago and now a roll of paper towels last me forever. It really is a great way to try new stitches!

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  4. Excellent idea and I like the environmentally friendly approach. They look beautiful too. Good on you.

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  5. That’s a great plan!


  6. Hi, I have just found your blog. I am liking the look of it! I love the bright dishcloths. Dishcloths is one those must makes in the back of my mind along with way too many other ideas!! Sharon x


  7. So much nicer (and green) than paper towels. Joanns sounds like a place to get bargains – wish we had one over here! I’m in my studio making a piped box cushion for the boys’ newly decorated bedroom which I’ll blog about soon:)

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  8. What a great idea! I am wearing one of my newest scarf creations. I am also getting ready to have my occupation therapy. Knitting and crocheting has definitely help me pass the pass the time, during my stay at the rehabilitation center.

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